I’ve got a set of modules that I’d like to deploy to Geronimo, and I’ve tried to deploy them using the Maven plugin and the deploy.sh on a local installation of both Geronimo-jetty6-javaee5 and Geronimo-tomcat6-javaee5 (2.1.2 in all four cases).  One of them gets an error on deployment (ClassNotFound on a class that seems to be present) one deploys fine, and  the remaining two seem to just …. go away.  Deployment commences, and then I never hear anything back, either in the server console, the logs, or the deployment tool, which doesn’t exit.


I’ll assume for now the ClassNotFound problem is actually a problem with the WAR, although if I find that not to be true, I may fire off further inquiries.  That said, I’m trying to understand how best to diagnose the fact that deployment seems to just go AWOL, and my lack of Geronimo experience is betraying me.


I’m thinkin’ about cranking up the log level on the Geronimo logs using the administration console at the very least, which I’ll go do after I send this off, but if anyone has further suggestions, I’m happy to hear ‘em.