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From "Andrew Thorburn" <>
Subject Eclipse WTP with Geronimo and EARs?
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 04:45:24 GMT
This possibly isn't the best place for this, but the Eclipse WTP
project doesn't seem to have a forum of it's own...

Anyway, I can install Geronimo, get it working with an existing EAR.
That's fine. No problems.
I can also get Eclipse to boot Geronimo and such. That's cool too.

What confuses me is the structure of an EAR in Eclipse - it seems to
want separate projects for the EAR, the WAR, the EJBs and the various
libraries, so I'm not sure what's going on there.

Currently, my project is contained in a single Eclipse project, and I
use ant to compile everything, JAR a number of backend bits then copy
them all into place. However, it seems as though that approach may not
work with Eclipse, or with the Eclipse way of doing things. Does
anyone know of any good resources that explain how to set up a simple
EAR and get it all compiling? Or, ideally, suggestions for importing
an existing project?

I don't see where I should be setting up compilation in the project,
and Ant seems like it won't work as they're all in different
directories (not parent/child ones), so that's a nice, big, area of
confusion. Assuming I can get them all compiling, do I then have to
rely on Eclipse to export them as an EAR?

I want to get this all working together so I can step through it all
in the debugger. That would make my life considerably easier.

Thanks all,

- Andrew

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