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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Maven Plugin
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2008 16:56:47 GMT

On Aug 14, 2008, at 8:34 AM, Geoffrey Wiseman wrote:

> I’d like to use Geronimo to run some integration tests in Maven that  
> are going to require a container and a message queue.
> To that end, I briefly looked at Cargo, which I’ve used in the past,  
> but they seem to support 1.0.X, not even 1.1, let alone 2.X, so I  
> decided that was a little too far back, and I didn’t really want to  
> upgrade/maintain the Cargo container definition, at least, not when  
> I’m fairly new to Geronimo.
> That meant it was time to take a look at Geronimo-maven-plugin,  
> which I did, ran into some issues.
> I searched the mailing list, but didn’t find much recent traffic  
> about the plugin at all.  Either I’m incapable of running a good  
> search, not many people are using the plugin lately, they’re  
> discussing it somewhere else, or they’re not running into the  
> problems I’m having, I’m not sure which.
> Either way, I’d like to clarify some points, so if there’s a better  
> place to discuss this, let me know.  In short:
> ·         What’s a good, working configuration for a relatively  
> current Maven to get a J2EE Geronimo up and running?
> ·         Should I use org.apache.geronimo.plugins or  
> org.apache.geronimo.buildsupport?
> ·         Do the plugin version and assembly version need to be in  
> sync, and do they correspond to the version of Geronimo that I’m  
> getting?
> ·         If not:
> o   What version of the plugin should I use?
> o   What assembly and assembly version should I use?
> I ran into a bunch of issues, I think many of which were related to  
> the fact that the example in the documentation pointed me at some  
> elements that aren’t incredibly up-to-date (old plugin groupid, old  
> assembly artifactids) and I ended up with assemblies and plugins at  
> different version numbers, which I suspect is a problem, although I  
> haven’t yet gotten any combination working.
> If the assembly and plugin don’t need to be in sync, then I can  
> report a whack of issues that you might encounter when they aren’t  
> in sync.
> Now that I’ve found higher version numbers and more combinations,  
> I’m going to keep trying, and I may find something that works, but  
> pointers to a working config would probably help as well.

You should use the plugin corresponding to your geronimo version.  The  
one in buildsupport is current, the other is antique.

Where is the bad documentation?  Maybe we should update or remove it.

I would check out geronimo server/branches/2.1 or server/tags/2.1.2 or  
server/trunk, build it with maven 2.0.9, and look into the testsuite  
directory.  It's a bit convoluted (but ___much___ simpler than it used  
to be) but is a working example of how to run integration tests in  
geronimo using the geronimo-maven-plugin along with some other useful  

david jencks

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