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From "Luciano Salotto" <>
Subject Re: Is config.ser ever used??
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2008 17:11:24 GMT
Thanks for your quick replay,

It is very definitely used.  Deployment in geronimo consists of translating
> whatever deployment plans (javaee spec dds, annotations, geronimo service
> plans, etc) into geronimo service component  (gbean) descriptors (GBeanData)
> and serializing them into the config.ser file.  When you start a plugin
> (module) the config.ser is deserialized and the components configured and
> started.

Ok, then how is it possible that I sent a config.ser from a very different
isntallation, and it worked well? Will config.ser change if the EAR
structure is different or could I just have it create once and then leave it
as it is for ever?

> Tomcat doesn't fit all that well into this idea and the main tomcat
> application gbean includes the web.xml as a data element.

That will explain the web.xml like entries in the config.ser.

> FWIW I'd suggest you look into the custom server assembly features using
> maven and the car-maven-plugin available in the latest was ce (and geronimo
> 2.1 and later).  I'm not familiar with  exactly what comes with was ce but
> using geronimo I'd assemble a custom server directly, something like what is
> outlined here:

We can't use that since we are working on WASCE 2.0, when I heard of that
functionality of 2.1 I wanted to move to that version, but we are too close
to deliver data for such a change, anyways many thanks for your suggestion

Thanks again for all your help!


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