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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: Eclipse WTP with Geronimo and EARs?
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 14:52:40 GMT
Hi Andrwe, I can point you to a number of samples and tutorials that might be 
helpful to you:


Let me know if this does or doesn't help. Thanks

Andrew Thorburn wrote:
> This possibly isn't the best place for this, but the Eclipse WTP
> project doesn't seem to have a forum of it's own...
> Anyway, I can install Geronimo, get it working with an existing EAR.
> That's fine. No problems.
> I can also get Eclipse to boot Geronimo and such. That's cool too.
> What confuses me is the structure of an EAR in Eclipse - it seems to
> want separate projects for the EAR, the WAR, the EJBs and the various
> libraries, so I'm not sure what's going on there.
> Currently, my project is contained in a single Eclipse project, and I
> use ant to compile everything, JAR a number of backend bits then copy
> them all into place. However, it seems as though that approach may not
> work with Eclipse, or with the Eclipse way of doing things. Does
> anyone know of any good resources that explain how to set up a simple
> EAR and get it all compiling? Or, ideally, suggestions for importing
> an existing project?
> I don't see where I should be setting up compilation in the project,
> and Ant seems like it won't work as they're all in different
> directories (not parent/child ones), so that's a nice, big, area of
> confusion. Assuming I can get them all compiling, do I then have to
> rely on Eclipse to export them as an EAR?
> I want to get this all working together so I can step through it all
> in the debugger. That would make my life considerably easier.
> Thanks all,
> - Andrew

Tim McConnell

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