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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Patchy documentation, setup dev envirmonment on vista
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2008 14:15:48 GMT

Yes, there is certainly room for improvement in documentation.  I think 
that is a struggle for all open source projects and Geronimo is no 
exception.  As I'm sure you've heard before - contributions are welcome 
:-).  Some more comments/questions in-line below.

Joe wrote:
> Hi All,
> i'm currently in an early phase of understanding Geronimo.
> You know
> I tried to ..., and i fail.
> The Documentaion doesen't help in this Situations.
> There are many step by step howto's, but they are so patchy.
> Example:
> I tried to Setup my Development Environment with Eclipse on a Windows 
> Vista Business Box.
> The lates JDK's are installed on it.
> I downloaded the lates stable Geronimo v 2.1.1 with Tomcat JEE, there is 
> no hint in the docu, that path langth must be ..., but i think it should 
> be there.
There is a reference to the windows path length issue in the README for 
each server image.  We felt this was the best place to include this 
information.  There are probably some other references in the wiki or 
whatever ... but the README is the place we would expect most folks to 
look.  Do you have other recommendations on where you would have 
expected to see a note about this and didn't find one?

> I downloaded the latest Eclipse "Ganymede" as JEE5 IDE as described, but 
> when i'm trying to install the GEP it fails with dependencie errors.
> I downloaded the latest Eclipse "Europa" as JEE5 IDE as described, but 
> when i'm trying to install the GEP it fails with dependencie errors.
> And be sure i tried all three ways, to get a Geronimo Server in Eclipse 
> configured.
I'm not much help on the eclipse side ... perhaps others can give some 

> I Don't want to post here all the beginners quests.
> Is there another source, to get all theses surly solved issues done?
Aside from the documentation in the wiki I don't have any other 
recommendations.  If you could enhance what is there (or provide new 
pages/topics) to improve the doc based upon your experiences that would 
be terrific.

> Is there an easy way to Setup my environment. Any Links?
There is the quick start topic in the wiki 
- have you already looked at that topic?

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