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From devdev <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ questions
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2008 18:13:07 GMT

Regarding #1, would you please point me to some instructions or examples?  I
have a 4 appservers running on different computers and I'd like to install
an ActiveMQ on a 5th computer and have the 4 appservers sending/receiving
message from AMQ.

Thanks much

djencks wrote:
> On Sep 15, 2006, at 10:23 AM, Michael Malgeri wrote:
>> I have  a couple of questions about ActiveMQ
>> 1. If ActiveMQ is set up to run in a standalone configuration, can  
>> Geronimo still be configured to have some of its components  
>> interoperate with it? For instance could  a servlet running in  
>> Geronimo have JMS code that sends or listens for a message to/from  
>> an ActiveMQ Queue that is managed by an instance of ActiveMQ  
>> located outside of Geronimo?
> yes, in all versions of geronimo.  You need to deploy only the  
> activemq rar in geronimo, and configure it to talk to the remote amq  
> instance (IIRC the config is in the "resource-adapter" section)
>> 2. I heard that the version of ActiveMQ in Geronimo has less  
>> capability than a standalone version of ActiveMQ. Does the embedded  
>> version lack features that are supported by 64bit capability?
> In released versions (up to 1.1.1) we're shipping an antiquated 3.2  
> (?) activemq that has a lot less configuration options than even 3.2  
> standaone.  In trunk (1.2) (definitely unreleased) we recently  
> upgraded to AMQ 4.0.1 (I think) and you can configure an embedded  
> broker using either gbeans (with IIUC some limitations on what you  
> can configure) or a reference to a spring or xbean config file (in  
> which case you get all configuration options).
>> 3. Finally if the answer is "yes"  to #2 would the JMS code in the  
>> servlet running on Geronimo be able to take advantage of a 64 bit  
>> capability available in the standalone ActiveMQ instance that would  
>> otherwise not be available in a Geronimo embedded ActiveMQ instance?
> I would guess so.  I'm not familiar with these options.  If they are  
> available only in amq 4.x then you might need to deploy the amq 4.x  
> rar in geronimo instead of the amq 3.x rar that we use for the built  
> in connection factory, example queues, etc.
> Hope this helps
> david jencks
>> Michael Malgeri
>> Technical Services Manager
>> PHONE: 310-727-4544
>> Tie Line: 286-4544
>> CELLULAR: 310-704-6403

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