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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Does the pool handle stale connections?
Date Wed, 30 Jul 2008 14:52:55 GMT

On Jul 30, 2008, at 9:13 AM, wrote:

> I have frequent trouble with my database pool to an AS/400.  The  
> database is taken down every night for backup, and at least once a  
> week the connection pool is unusable after the database comes back  
> up.  Restarting the connection pool makes everything work again.
> We are new to Geronimo -- just this one app on one server -- so I  
> don't have anything to compare to.  However, we have had this same  
> issue with a couple 1.x versions before we upgraded to v2.
> I had planned to do more troubleshooting before posting this, but  
> since its already a topic I thought I'd go ahead.  It easily could  
> be a configuration issue, although there are several WebSphere apps  
> that do not have this trouble.
> Configuration Info
> Driver: JTOpen v6.1 (
> Pool Min Size: 0
> Pool Max Size: 100
> Blocking Timeout: 5000
> Idle Timeout: 15

Thanks for the info David. Which version of V2 Geronimo are you using?  
Sounds like we have a problem. If either you or swisst could open a  
Jira ( , that would be  

If you're able to do some troubleshooting, that would be awesome.  
Otherwise, any instructions (application, plans, etc) on how to  
reproduce the problem would be much appreciated. We'll eyeball the  
timeout code, maybe it's something obvious.

I'm not very hopeful, but a Thread dump of the java process might  
prove useful (e.g. kill -3 <pid>). Heh. Actually, I'm a bit less than  
hopeful, no harm though...


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