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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: CGI and Geronimo/Tomcat
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2008 21:11:11 GMT

On Jul 13, 2008, at 1:22 PM, Peter L. Berghold wrote:

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> Kevan Miller wrote:
>> Here's general info for Tomcat --
> Read this two or three times (as well as the comments in the web.xml
> file) before I posted. Did what I thought it was telling me to do  
> and so
> far NG.
>> Place your scripts in WEB-INF/cgi/
> Did that after trying to be "stubborn" and leave them in "cgi-bin"  
> where
> they were located while the website was hosted at the previous
> provider's server.  Now I am running in a VPS and have to re-invent  
> things.
>> Borrowing from the tomcat instructions use this as your WEB-INF/ 
>> web.xml:
> Snip.  The CGI script in question (written in Perl) doesn't seem to be
> getting executed still. In fact the purpose of the script is to  
> generate
> "on the fly" javascript and what is coming back instead is the Perl  
> code
> itself instead of the javascript the Perl script should be generating.
> I tried setting the value for "executable" first to /usr/bin/perl and
> then to just perl and this resulted in tomcat generating an exception
> and not being able to start and complaints from my club members that
> they couldn't get to the site while all that was going on. (Figures..
> when I'm working on the site, they try to access it just then.)
> What disturbs me slightly is I did a search for the
> servlets-ssi.rename-to-jar or even servlets-ssi.jar file from the top
> level in Geronimo and did not find it.  Should I be worried about that
> or is that deprecated?

Tomcat 5 required you to rename servlets-cgi.renametojar to servlets- 
cgi.jar. It's not necessary in Tomcat 6 (Geronimo 2.0/2.1). The  
comments in Tomcat's web.xml configuration file are not correct.

I've created a Jira to make it simpler to enable cgi support in  
Geronimo. Would be nice if this were a plugin and that the servlet  
would permit absolute file addressing (rather than relative addressing).

In the jira I posted a war and some instructions on enabling cgi-bin  
support on Tomcat. I've included instructions (a bit of a hack) to  
allow scripts to be placed in a <geronimo-home>/cgi-bin directory.

I've tested with a simple HelloWorld perl script and it worked for me...

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