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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Configure HOWL log size
Date Mon, 28 Jul 2008 14:34:33 GMT

On Jul 28, 2008, at 7:01 AM, dsthode wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm running an application deployed in Geronimo 2.1 and after a  
> couple of
> days running my HOWL log file in var/txlog grows up to 2.5 GB approx.
> Looking at the deployment plan in repository/org/apache/geronimo/ 
> transaction
> I've seen that the maxBlocksPerFile property is set to -1 that means  
> it will
> grow to infinity.
> I've deleted this log file and tried to modify the plan.xml file to  
> set this
> property to something more reasonable, say 400 (BTW, I don't know if  
> this
> value is too low, just tried with that), but it doesn't change  
> anything as
> the file keeps growing just as fast as before when I restart Geronimo.
> In the JMX viewer I've seen that the value for this property didn't  
> change,
> it stays in 2147483647, and trying to change it via the button
> "setMaxBlocksPerFile" in the column to the right doesn't do  
> anything, as the
> value stays the same.
> So, how can I change this property so that the HOWL transaction log  
> doesn't
> fill up all the free space in my drive?

This is fixed in current branches/2.1 source. The new default is 512  
(400 would be just fine, also). We're working on a 2.1.2 release which  
will contain this change. In the meantime, you can build from source  
or download a nightly build (


If you want to continue using your current Geronimo release you can  
override this setting by adding the following to your var/config/ 
config.xml (assuming you're using 2.1.1):

<module name="org.apache.geronimo.configs/transaction/2.1.1/car">
     <gbean name="HOWLTransactionLog">
         <attribute name="maxBlocksPerFile">512</attribute>

Note that this isn't a dynamic value. You can't change this at  
runtime. You can only change this if you delete your current  
transaction logs (or set in your config.xml prior to the initial start  
of your server). HOWL encodes MaxBlocksPerFile in the tran logs and  
won't allow them to be changed.


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