Hi everyone,

I've been tossing the idea around in my head of taking the initiative to upgrade the current items written in Dojo to 1.1.1, I know we still have some Dojo 0.4.3, which isn't supported anymore, in use and there has been vast improvements with their new Dijit package for widgets among many other items.  Also, with some recently reported JIRAs about accessibility compatibility being an issue in these Dojo components we can make use of the a11y available in it.  Overall, i also think we might also benefit a cleaner setup from streamlining our versions  in terms of future development and maintenance as well.

Although I haven't looked in complete detail in each of the AG Dojo pieces, i know that the 0.4.3 transition to 1.1.1 will take some work because the widget system has been separated out to it's own pieces (diji) and so simple work arounds will not do.  That is, this will be a big block change rather than an incremental one.

Does anyone have any thoughts - one way or the other on this undertaking?

Joseph Leong