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Subject Error with openjpa in geronimo under PostgreSQL
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:29:37 GMT
Hi All,

I'm quite sure that I found a bug in Geronimo, or as I assumed openjpa. 
Therefore I created an JIRA-Issue under
But nothing happens. No Votes, no Watchers....

I retested functionality using openejb embedded in Eclipse with openjpa 
Version 1.1.0 but I still get the same error:

I receive Errors when I try to persist Data: 

public class PasswortregelPAO implements Serializable { 
private String passwortAufbau; 

on DB-Fields with Definitions >= VARCHAR(170) 

ALTER TABLE vesuv.passwortregel DROP COLUMN passwort_aufbau; 
ALTER TABLE vesuv.passwortregel ADD COLUMN paswort_aufbau varchar(170); 
ALTER TABLE vesuv.passwortregel ALTER COLUMN passwort_aufbau SET STORAGE 

Caused by: org.apache.openjpa.lib.jdbc.ReportingSQLException: FEHLER: Wert 
zu lang fr Typ character varying(120) {prepstmnt 32613590 INSERT INTO 
vesuv.protokoll_info (id, attribut, entitaet_id, entitaetstyp, wert_alt, 
wert_neu, protokoll_eintrag_fk) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) 
[params=(long) 239, (String) passwort_aufbau, (long) 24, (String) 
PASSWORTREGEL, (String) , (String) 
(long) 128]} [code=0, state=22001] 

With any size bigger than 170, I got the same error "FEHLER: Wert zu lang 
fr Typ character varying(120) ". 

VARCHAR-Values up to 160 work without any problem. 

In addition I have to say, reading of VARCHAR-Data > 170 Char. works 
without problem. 

=> I tried to change the database-Definition from VARCHAR(170) to TEXT and 
to define the PAO @Column(length=200 ...) , but nothing helped. 


cu Josef

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