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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Clusering Configuration samples errors in branches/2.1 using Tomcat
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2008 14:44:50 GMT

On Jun 27, 2008, at 9:55 AM, Jason Warner wrote:

> It seems my understanding of how classloaders work is not as  
> thorough as it could be.  From what I can see, juli doesn't include  
> a UniqueId class, so I'm not sure how we could get a conflict  
> there.  Could you explain how that could be happening?  I could take  
> a look at it for a bit today, though I think it'd be good to have  
> Gianny weigh in when he returns.

This is really a dev@ discussion (has been for a while ;-)

It's the tribes dependency that is causing this problem. The juli  
dependency is an accident-waiting-to-happen (it might cause similar  
ClassCastExceptions for juli Classes).

Running in the WAR ClassLoader, we're going to pickup UniqueId from  
the tomcat6 ClassLoader.

Running in the Wadi system thread dispatching Wadi envelopes, UniqueId  
will be found in the wadi-clustering ClassLoader.

The UniqueId classes (or object instances) from these different  
ClassLoaders are incompatible (they aren't the same classes). We need  
to sort out these plugin dependencies. So, that we'll only load  
UniqueId from a single ClassLoader.


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