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From Dave Syer <>
Subject Re: NullPointerException "Could not publish to Server" from Eclipse
Date Sat, 28 Jun 2008 08:29:16 GMT

Thanks Tim, that got me started, at least.  Still can't deploy my
application, so don't go away!

Updating the namespace as below means that I can open the descriptor with
the GEP editor.  But nothing I do to it seems to change the source code, so
I'm not convinced it actually works yet.  The wiki is out of date I guess
because it shows version 1.0 of the schemas being used.  So I wasn't using
an invalid namespace (I even downloaded the schema to see if it told me
anything), just the wrong one.  I guess the tooling could do a better job of
telling me what's going on there.

As far as creating a new project, I won't attach anything because there is
only one entry (and it's a warning not an error):

"More than one declaration found for action type INSTALL of projet facet
org.apache.geronimo.facet 1.2."

Does that mean anything?

What about adding descriptors to existing projects.  Shouldn't there be a
New->... menu for it or something?


Tim McConnell-2 wrote:
> Hi Dave, actually that is significant. It means that one (or more) of the 
> namespaces in your deployment descriptor is not valid. If you're using a
> simple 
> dynamic web app, the namespaces at the top of the geronimo-web.xml should
> look 
> something like this:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
> <web:web-app xmlns:dep=""
> 			xmlns:web="">
>      <dep:environment>
>          <dep:moduleId>
>              <dep:groupId>default</dep:groupId>
>              <dep:artifactId>test</dep:artifactId>
>              <dep:version>1.0</dep:version>
>              <dep:type>car</dep:type>
>          </dep:moduleId>
>      </dep:environment>
>      <web:context-root>/test</web:context-root>
> </web:web-app>
> Also, the fact that you're not getting a geronimo-web.xml automatically is 
> problematic. Could you attach the .log file from your workspace .metadata 
> directory so we can see if you're getting any exceptions. Thanks

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