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From abnitin <>
Subject Re: Issue/Bug with Servicemix-web integration with Geronimo
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2008 15:10:13 GMT

Hi Puneet,

I saw this question posted by you. I am having problems deploying the
servicemix.war (3.2.1) into geronimo2.0.2. Could you guide me as to what
needs to be done to get servicemix deployed on to geronimo. 

I am getting the following error.

error: cvc-datatype-valid.1.1: string value 'SiteMesh Decorator Tags' does
not match pattern for tld-canonical-nameType in namespace

Your help would be highly appreciated.

puneetjain wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to integrate servicemix with Geronimo.
> I have written the http-uploader sample application given in the tutorial
> of servicemix at below location
> It runs fine with standalone servicemix. But when, I tried to run this
> application with servicemix running in Geronimo, it’s not working
> properly. When we tried the same on the Servicemix, it shows file save
> dialog box. The same is not working, when tried on Geronimo.
> Note: No exception is coming
> I have put the logging statements in the HttpMarshler and HttpHandler Bean
> classes and run it. I have observed that the createMessage() method of
> HttpMarshler is getting called. onMessageExchange() method of HttpHandler
> is also called. But the sendOut method of HttpMarshler is not getting
> called.
> The example is using the http:consumer element in xbean.xml file:
> <http:consumer   service="ex:httplistener" 
>                  endpoint="listenerEndpoint" 
>                  locationURI="" 
>                  defaultMep="" 
>                  targetService="ex:httphandler" 
>                  marshaler="#marshaler" />
> And This element is existing in ServiceMix version 3.2 and above only (As
> mentioned in the tutorial).
> Since this element is new in servicemix, the handling of this element is
> having some issue when it is used with apache servicemix-web (WAR) in
> Geronimo. 
> Environment:
> =========
> Operating System – Windows XP SP2
> Servicemix 3.2.1
> Geronimo with tomcat version 2.0.2
> Java 1.5
> Steps Performed:
> ============
> 1.	Downloaded the “” file from below
> location and deployed it on Geronimo.
> 2.	Installed servicemix-shared library using the apache servicemix-web
> interface’s Shared Libraries Menu.
> 3.	Installed and started servicemix-http and servicemix-bean component
> using the servicemix-web interface’s Components menu.
> 4.	Deployed and started the http-uploader-sa service assembly using the
> same interface’s Service assemblies menu.
> 5.	Verified that the service is deployed using below url:
> 	http://localhost:8080/
> 6.	I have written a client as per instruction given in the tutorial and
> change the  “action” in the HTML form tag  with the following URL:
> 	http://localhost:8080/ 
> 7.	When, I tried to access the application, nothing got displayed on the
> browser. i.e.  no response comes back.
> Exception:
> ======
> There is no Exception comes in any log.
> Please help me in resolving this problem. I am stuck with this problem
> from long time and have sent so many mails, but have not got any pointers
> to solve to this problem.
> Looking forward for your reply at the earliest..!
> Thanks,
> Puneet

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