Correction - persistence.xml is in WEB-INF/classes/META-INF

2008/5/29 David Carew <>:
Hi David,
It's in a META-INF folder in the root of the war file. Should it be somewhere else ?

2008/5/29 David Jencks <>:

Where is your persistence.xml?  I think you are doing something so that geronimo doesn't find it but openjpa does later. I think there's at least one testsuite app with jpa from a web app.

david jencks

On May 29, 2008, at 7:30 AM, David Carew wrote:

Does anyone know how to use a datasource with JPA classes that are in a Web App ? If I put the database pool name  in the <jta-data-source> and or <non-jta-data-source> elements of persistence.xml I get a Naming Exception from OpenJPA saying that the name doesn't exist in JNDI. If I put a fully qualified JNDI name then the deployer complains because the name can't be resolved as a database pool name. From the examples I've seen this works if your JPA classes are in an EJB  module . I don't really need to use JTA, I just need a way to point to a database pool from my persistence.xml file. Any ideas ?