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From Gianny Damour <>
Subject Re: POJO caching in geronimo
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 03:22:24 GMT
Hello Xasima,

WADI does not yet provide a POJO caching solution.

Regarding the 
codehaus/wadi/gridstate/impl/GCache.html class, AFAIK it was more an  
idea than an actual fully working caching implementation.

I know that a Geronimo POJO caching solution, GCache, was implemented  
a while back in the geronimo-sandbox and documented here http://  
However, as this caching solution has not been touched for a while, I  
do not think it is in a working state.

The approach you are taking seems to me reasonable and I think it  
would be quite useful for other users to have such GBean services for  
JCS or EHCache.

FYI, I am currently working on the implementation of a hierarchical,  
transactional, distributed, partitioned and replicated cache and data- 
grid solution as part of WADI. I hope to have a working solution at  
the end of the month and hopefully before you having the need for it :)


On 01/05/2008, at 2:22 AM, Xasima Xirohata wrote:

> Hi. I want to figure out what is the proper strategy to plug-in  
> POJO cache into geronimo (2.1).
> I want to use the different implementation of caching (HashMap,   
> EHCACHE, JCS) and work in standalone mode  (not explicit clustering  
> support for the first time).
> In the existed code we just want to get a cache instance using  
> JNDI, cast this to java.util.Map and  invoke plain put/get methods.
> I have explored geronimo docs and found the following possibilities:
>     1) use the terracotta ( 
> display/orgsite/Distributed+Caches) that exposes such an wrapper  
> around different implementation.
>     2) use the wadi and the 
> core/apidocs/org/codehaus/wadi/gridstate/impl/GCache.html class  
> somehow
>     3) use the custom gbean as wrapper upon different  
> implementation of caching (as the general solution for any separate  
> custom services).
> Unfortunately, the 70Mb size of Terracotta seems too heavy to use  
> for such a use case when I don't plan to work with clustering at once.
> I don't found a page to integrate this options with WADI, please  
> provide some details on this..
> So I have stopped with the last way. I think that having POJO cache  
> exposed as gbean (instead of using as regular embedded jar) is a  
> right strategy since it is quite naturally to
>     1) implement initializing, clearing, storing (if persistence is  
> on) of POJO cache when the correspondent geronimo lifecycle events  
> occur
>     2) providing different <attribute > </attribute> in the gbean  
> plan to configure in external manner different  POJO cache parameters
>     3) having MBean that reports on state and loads of the cache  
> ( it may be interesting how  much objects are consumes from this  
> and if we need to change expiration policy or allocate more size)
> Am I right with the approach? Do you have any predefined gbeans (or  
> prototype in sandbox code area) code for this?
> Could I use WADI for this purpose?
> -- 
> Best regards,
> ~ Xasima Xirohata ~

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