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From "" <>
Subject PostgreSQL Loadbalancing with Geronimo? HowTo??
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 19:02:37 GMT
Hi List!

Is there any Way for creating an Loadbalancing DB-Setup with Geronimo 
2.1.1 ?

I have read verry carefully the PostgreSQL 8.3 Doc's but there are no 
Way to do it out of the
Box. The PostgreSQL Manual says on this Topic:

"Thadt is not a thing thadt Postgres should do by itself, this special 
Type of Requirements should
solved by a Thirdparty Component" (in my Words)

Ok, i will use Postgres in the Case of a new Geronimo 2.1.1 
WebApplication Project.
I going the normal Way. I Define the Datasource and accessing the 
PostgreSQL from a
EJB Stateless or Statefull Session Bean from the Geronimo EJB-Container 
The Tomcat6 WebClient App-Layer speaks to the EJB Layer by using LocalHome
JNDI Lookups. Booth, EJB's and Tomcat War's should be packaged into pne 
Single EAR File.

Any Ideas on this? Please help if you can,
Greetings, R

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