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Subject Re: What si the diff between Geronimo and Apache+TomCat?
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 21:24:34 GMT
On 4/18/08, Jay D. McHugh <> wrote:
> There a couple of small clarifications I would make to this:
>  Jetty and Tomcat are the two choices for web containers in Geronimo. They
> provide pretty much the same functionality and choosing between them is
> usually a matter of personal preference and/or the type of web services you
> want to use.  The Tomcat distribution comes with Axis2 enabled and the Jetty
> distribution comes with CXF enabled.  I believe that both (Axis2 and CXF)
> are included in the JEE distributions - But the ones that I mentioned are
> the combinations that are enabled (by default) and tested.

Just clarifying that your remark only applies to how Jetty and Tomcat
behave under Geronimo (which agrees with my comment that using Tomcat
is a political decision.)  Geronimo on both Jetty and Tomcat deploys
using the Administration GUI and "hot loads" changes.

As stand-alone servers, Tomcat and Jetty do not provide the same
- Jetty only "supports" WARs by manually using the WebAppDeployer
class to extract the files from the WAR.  Tomcat runs WARs natively
with no extra work.
- Jetty only "hot loads" if an application (e.g. Geronimo) handles the
detection and loading of changes.  Tomcat automatically detects
changes and "hot loads" changed files (although this feature can be


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