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Subject Re: What si the diff between Geronimo and Apache+TomCat?
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 20:17:47 GMT
On 4/18/08, pstein <> wrote:
>  I searched for while to find the diffs between Geronimo and Apache+TomCat.
>  Unfortunately I miss a comparison side-by-side table which shows what is
>  supported and what not.
>  Are Apache+TomCat features a subset of Geronimo's feature set?
>  Or is the primary advantage speed ?
>  Does Geronimo support JAX-WS or only Axis?
>  Peter

Side-by-side comparison:

Apache httpd = HTML + extensions for almost every Web technology.
Written in C; predates Java.

Jetty = HTML + Java classes and JARs (Java ARchives).  Written in Java
by Montbay using the Apache license.

Apache Tomcat = Functionality of Jetty + WARs (Web ARchives for
Servlets) + hot loading of Java (classes, JARs, WARs.).  Written in

Apache Geronimo = Functionality of Tomcat + EARs (Enterprise ARchives
for J2EE) + Web Administration GUI. Written in Java.

I am uncertain of the purpose for running Geronimo on Tomcat (rather
than Jetty) since Geronimo handles everything that Tomcat does.  My
best guess is this allows Geronimo to be added to an existing Tomcat
instance and is more political than technical.

If you are learning Java programming, choosing a server depends on
your learning style and purpose.  You might start with the simplest
server and upgrade as you learn.  "Hello World" is easiest as just one
Java class.  Learning to create JARs, WARs, and EARs can wait; each
format incorporates the previous formats so understanding the simpler
formats is useful. Or you could start with Geronimo and just learn the
best practices for J2EE.

If you are planning for a company, use the most full-featured server
(Geronimo) and ignore unneeded features.  Apache httpd might be added
for integration with non-Java technologies.

Speed should be less of a concern than functionality when choosing a
Web server.  Other Web servers promise better performance.  Apache
httpd has been the most popular Web server used by many of the most
popular websites for more than a decade.  Performance of Java
applications depends on your developers -- a good design will perform
well on any Java server.  Different hardware often has more impact on
performance than software.

About Geronimo and AJAX, please read:


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