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From John <>
Subject Database Pool Deploy Failing
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 10:29:47 GMT

I'm trying to deploy a database connection pool in Geronimo 2.1 running 
on linux under JDK 1.6.  I'm setting up a basic connection pool for 
PostgreSQL 8.1.x and had the Database Pool Wizard download the 
appropriate driver.  I then set up the database parameters and performed 
a successful connection test.  However, when I deploy the connection 
pool using a database pool name of "jdbc/PoolName" (without the quotes), 
I get the following error:

Error Deploying: Unable to deploy: jdbc/PoolName - see the log for details

When I checked the log files, I don't see any reason why the deployment 
failed.  After, changing the log level to DEBUG and attempting the 
deployment once again, I produced the following log file:

05:20:41,397 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase]  Calling hasUserDataPermission()
05:20:41,397 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase]  Calling authenticate()
05:20:41,397 DEBUG [FormAuthenticator] Already authenticated 'system'
05:20:41,398 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase]  Calling accessControl()
05:20:41,398 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase]  Successfully passed all security 
05:20:41,404 DEBUG [ManagerBase] Start expire sessions StandardManager 
at 1208946041404 sessioncount 0
05:20:41,405 DEBUG [ManagerBase] End expire sessions StandardManager 
processingTime 1 expired sessions: 0
05:20:41,477 DEBUG [CoyoteAdapter]  Requested cookie session id is 
05:20:41,477 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase] Security checking request GET 
05:20:41,477 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase] We have cached auth type FORM for 
principal org.apache.geronimo.tomcat.JAASTomcatPrincipal@1fc6f6a
05:20:41,477 DEBUG [AuthenticatorBase]  Not subject to any constraint
05:20:41,545 INFO  [SupportedModesServiceImpl] Portlet mode 'edit' not 
found for portletId: '/system-database.DBWizard!1134683811|0'

It seems like I'm doing this correctly, am I missing something obvious?


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