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From "Jay D. McHugh" <>
Subject Re: What si the diff between Geronimo and Apache+TomCat?
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 22:51:44 GMT
I didn't know about those differences (I only ever ran Tomcat outside of 

Thanks for the info.

Jay wrote:
> On 4/18/08, Jay D. McHugh <> wrote:
>> There a couple of small clarifications I would make to this:
>>  Jetty and Tomcat are the two choices for web containers in Geronimo. They
>> provide pretty much the same functionality and choosing between them is
>> usually a matter of personal preference and/or the type of web services you
>> want to use.  The Tomcat distribution comes with Axis2 enabled and the Jetty
>> distribution comes with CXF enabled.  I believe that both (Axis2 and CXF)
>> are included in the JEE distributions - But the ones that I mentioned are
>> the combinations that are enabled (by default) and tested.
> Just clarifying that your remark only applies to how Jetty and Tomcat
> behave under Geronimo (which agrees with my comment that using Tomcat
> is a political decision.)  Geronimo on both Jetty and Tomcat deploys
> using the Administration GUI and "hot loads" changes.
> As stand-alone servers, Tomcat and Jetty do not provide the same
> functionality.
> - Jetty only "supports" WARs by manually using the WebAppDeployer
> class to extract the files from the WAR.  Tomcat runs WARs natively
> with no extra work.
> - Jetty only "hot loads" if an application (e.g. Geronimo) handles the
> detection and loading of changes.  Tomcat automatically detects
> changes and "hot loads" changed files (although this feature can be
> disabled.)
> solprovider

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