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From bgbraga <>
Subject Re: inverse-classloading error
Date Sun, 20 Apr 2008 19:18:18 GMT

djencks wrote:
> well, no, unless you are willing to work harder.  jta is a server  
> component, so if you include it in your app and set classloading so  
> your app classes are loaded first, you are certain to run into  
> trouble.  I thought the error you are getting was moderately clear  
> about the problem that is occuring.
> I'm afraid my imagination is not up to thinking of a scenario in  
> which having a transaction api jar in your app would provide any  
> benefit.  

Hi David,

Thanks for you reply.

I will explain:
I have an application that HAVE to run on Tomcat 6 for a customer and now in
Apache Geronimo to another.
If I deploy it in the tomcat without the WEB-INF\lib\jta.jar this error

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/transaction/TransactionManager

The tomcat doesn't have jta.jar as common lib. OK?
The tomcat of this customer is a external host and we can not change the
folder common lib. 

Then I need to keep this WAR interoperable with multiple servers (tomcat,
geronimo, etc). I can not remove the jta.jar. Understand?

djencks wrote:
> However, if you want to keep it, you can override the  
> effect of <inverse-classloading/> for particular packages using <non- 
> overrideable-classes> filters.
That removed the error from deploy. But the application isn't started. I
will check that.

djencks wrote:
> I'm generally against default restrictions on how an application  
> classloader can be set up but maybe we should think about including  
> javax.transaction in the default non-overridable-classes filters.
I'm using Geronimo with Tomcat. Then I think you should do this for all
components" that don't exist in tomcat as jta. So you can keep interoperable
between Geronimo and Tomcat more easily.

This error appeared to be silly, but I really need the jta.jar in my lib.

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