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From lsalotto <>
Subject Re: Multiple Applications within one Ear - Co-dependent classes
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 21:30:18 GMT

Hey Fran,
I've been struggling two days for similar issue, have you ever solved the
situation? would you mind to share the way you did it?
My problem is very similar, have to Web (name them A and B) modules, a jar
(named common since both web modules uses them), they are all within the
same EAR. Web module A will call have the Factory to create objects in Web
module B. Application get up to the Factory, when via reflection it tries to
create object in w m B, then I get same exception Mark mentioned. As you
we've been working with WAS and this works perfectly, however can't make it
work in WAS-CE/Geronimo.

You may already forgot about this, but if possible, could you try to search
for what you did that time to solve this?

Thanks in advance.
Luciano Salotto

Fran Varin wrote:
> Hi David, 
> Thank you for your reply...I'll work with Mark to see if we can work with
> your suggestions. 
> In terms of your questions regarding my explanation, I'll elaborate below. 
> The factory simply instantiates a concrete class at the request of an
> object that is using the factory. The factory is in fact a singleton
> instance. Once the Object is instantiated and returned to the requester,
> the requesting object simply access the public interface on the object.
> The factory returns a type java.lang.Object and the requester typically
> casts the Object to an Interface (polymorphism). 
> All of the WARs in question belong to a single Java EE EAR, we are not
> trying to have resources cross the "EAR" boundary. In our WAS
> implementation we actually have the factory exposed as part of the EAR. In
> turn, the factory is able to see the classes in each WAR defined to the
> EAR. It sounds like your idea about a switch would be just what the doctor
> ordered in this case, it is a great feature for all of the reasons I
> mentioned in my last post. 
> We'll give your suggestions a try and post back if we have any
> questions/problems and again thanks for your time. 
> Fran Varin 
> Sr. Architect 
> Amica Insurance

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