In regards to the original issue of this post, I've opened 
to track fixing it.

david jencks
On Mar 30, 2008, at 11:18 AM, Andrey Tedeev wrote:

Thanks for reply. G-mo 2.1 is used. Unfortunately I have to put persistence
unit into geronimo-web.xml . In our company each customer has their own
schema on AS400 becasue
of security issues. So I have bunch of different datasources pointing to
appropriate schema.
Layout of database is the same in each case. I tried to use resource-ref but
geronimo returnserror about JTA datasource like in this post:

djencks wrote:

This is definitely a bug in geronimo that we need to fix before the  
next release.  Can you tell us which geronimo version you are using?   
There's a slight chance it has been fixed already and I've forgotten  
about it.

As a workaround I think you can just include all the persistence  
information in a persistence.xml file at an appropriate location in  
your app.

BTW, you need different datasources for jta-datasource and non-jta- 
datasource.  The jta-datasource should have <local-transaction/> or  
<xa-transaction><transaction-caching/></xa-transaction> and the non- 
jta-datasource should have <no-transaction/>

I can't get derby to work without 2 datasources. I don't know about  
other databases, but using the same transactional datasource for non- 
jta-datasource is almost certain to lead to trouble.
Can you suggest some way of documenting this so people are likely to  
find it?  Maybe we should refuse to accept the same datasource for  

david jencks
On Mar 30, 2008, at 12:57 AM, Andrey Tedeev wrote:

Also I need to add that same xml works just fine if I do one of the

1. Delete part describing security -realm and security
but leave resource-ref and jpa alone

2. Delete resourse-ref and jpa declaration but leave security alone.

So problem rises when I try to use all of those together.

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