fp wrote:
Hi Peter,

thank you. I have the correct list and i can select the plugins in it, but
then i get the exception in the admin console.
so independent of what plugin you select or click on, in the plugin list, you get a exception ?
I've the other problem there with creating a derby db pool.
The admin console looks a little buggy for me.
Any help?

Peter Petersson-2 wrote:
Hi fp

Answer to third question:
If you klick on the "Update Repository List" on the "Plugins" page the 
Geronimo 2.1 repository will be added to the list of repositorys ( 
http://geronimo.apache.org/plugins/geronimo-2.1/ )
   peter p

fp wrote:
I tried the new GEronimo 2.1.

As in Release note (GERONIMO-3545) Upgrade Apache Derby to but
only in Repository.
The derby Data pool Creator in the Webconsole does't show the derby
jars, so it's not possible to create an deployment plan fpr derby there
for other databases!).

Third question: how to expose the Geronimo Repository as an Plugin.
Before Geronimo 2 it was just
The maven-repo Servlet is still there, but now I get errors?