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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Console: Geronimo 2.1.0 Changing IP-Adress Bound!
Date Sun, 23 Mar 2008 17:35:37 GMT

On Mar 23, 2008, at 9:47 AM, wrote:

> Hi all,
> I need to switch the Console to another IP-Adress but i cannot find  
> some usefull Information
> to do thadt. I dont want thadt the Console is an any IP-Adress on  
> my Server visible.

For both the jetty and tomcat servers you will have to redeploy the  
console after modifying the plans.  AFAIK no one has tried this with  
the modular console we have in 2.1.

For jetty it ought to be fairly simple.  You need to deploy an  
additional jetty connector on the ip you want.  In the geronimo plan  
for the console portal app you can then specify the host.  We might  
be able to expose the host as a configurable  parameter in config- 
substitutions so you wouldn't need to redeploy the console to change it.

For tomcat AFAIK it is much harder.  You essentially have to deploy  
an entire new tomcat server on the new ip address. There are some  
instructions for a related project for 1.1 here: 
I don't see any evidence this documentation has been ported to 2.1  
although someone did get a similar setup to work.

You might consider if using a virtual host would be sufficient as  
they are somewhat easier to set up.  There are some instructions 

> Thanks for comments,
> Cheers

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