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From "Łukasz Budnik" <>
Subject Re: transactions within MDB
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 21:58:08 GMT
Hi David,

On 25/03/2008, David Jencks <> wrote:
> You appear to want selective bits of the ACID properties of
>  transactions :-)

Ups.. didn't know that onMessage is a single transaction ;)

> It looks like "task" is a persistent status object with some
> information about other objects that are actually modified during the
> task.

Yes, you have deciphered me correctly ;)
ObjectMessage holds Task and Task is a persistent object.

>  To get more processing status visible to clients you need more
>  transactions, one for each state change that you want to be visible.
>  I can think of two ways to do this:
>  1. More mdbs: you split the workflow up into more mdbs where each one
>  updates the status and does some bit of the work, then puts the task
>  (or task ID) onto a queue for the next one.

I'd rather not, I'm afraid of performance issues with chained queues.

>  2. A stateless session bean with a RequiresNew method that you call
>  to update the task with the new status.  With this approach you will
>  probably not want to have the mdb have a copy of the same task object
>  as the SLSB -- at least I don't know exactly what happens when you
>  try to send a persistent object across transaction boundaries.  I'd
>  expect trouble.
>  Hope this gives you hints about a couple ways to proceed

the second piece of advice worked!

I've created new SLSB with REQUIRES_NEW transaction attribute, also
I'm passing id of the task as a parameter, where I simply fetch fresh
copy from DB, modify it and update at the end.

thanks for hints!

best regards
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