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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Integration with Geronimo.
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 17:33:28 GMT

On Mar 3, 2008, at 2:35 AM, Alex Magdenko wrote:

> I'm new to Geronimo and I would like to get some help about the  
> following
> problem.
> I'm working on GridGain( integration with Geronimo.
> I need to start my specific service(loader) inside Geronimo server.  
> I have
> set of jars which used in my service. All my EAR, WAR applications  
> should
> use that service. I need to use the same classLoader with classes  
> from my
> service in EAR and WAR applications (no need to load these gridgain  
> classes
> per application).
> I understand that my service will be declared as GBean and implements
> GBeanLifecycle interface.
> Could you help me with depoyment-plan.? Ideas?... links?...

First, your life will be simpler if you start with geronimo 2.1 and  
package everything as geronimo plugins.

If will also be much simpler if you use maven.

I recommend doing something like what is described here: 
(I'm working on this documentation so it may not be completely  
accurate yet).

For your specific circumstances, you'll need:

1. a project to build and jar the gbean(s) that wrap the gridgain  
2. a project to build a geronimo plugin that starts your gridgain  
service(s) (corresponding somewhat to the liferay-derby project in  
the example.  Examples more similar to what you need are e.g. the  
framework/config/rmi-naming plugin in the geronimo server source).   
This project will list the GridGain jars as dependencies and the  
plugin when deployed will provide the single classloader for GridGain.
3. a project for each ear, war application that packages the app as a  
plugin (corresponding somewhat to the liferay-jetty project in the  
example).  These projects will each include a dependency on the  
gridgain plugin from (2) which will make the classloader from (2)  
that contains the gridgain jars a parent classloader of the  
application classloader.
4. (optional but convenient) a project to assemble a server  
containing gridgain (2), the apps (3), and whatever other geronimo  
services you want. (corresponding to geronimo-jetty-liferay)

At this time you unfortunately have to package jetty and tomcat  
versions of your apps separately.

Hope this helps.... please ask questions, and if you want to help  
with docs (or the server) that would be great!
david jencks

> Thanks
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> Best regards.
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