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From Kristian Rink <>
Subject maven2: deployment quickstart?
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 20:51:21 GMT

being in the middle of evaluating a bunch of different options (i.o.w.
application servers) to serve as a future platform for most of our (both
Spring and, sooner or later, EJB3 based) projects, I am just by now
dealing with Geronimo 2, partly hoping for a pretty decent maven2
support in terms of deploying modules (given they're both apache
projects). So far we're using tomcat 6 and codehaus' tomcat-maven-plugin
[1] in order to deploy .war artifacts to remote tomcat installments
(both testing and production systems). And I am curious to see whether
there's something like that for geronimo (2.x), some maven2 plugin that
allows for building and remote deployment of war, ear, EJB jars in a way
similar to the tomcat approach. So far I just stumbled across [2] which
mainly seems to deal with deploying to locally installed geronimo
instances and, asides that, leaves quite a bunch of questions unanswered
(including how to actually integrate these plugins with maven2 in order
to build and then deploy, say, an arbitrary war artifact to a geronimo
server). [3] unfortunately completely avoids talking about maven2.

Can any of the kind souls on this list enlighten me about this?

Many thanks in advance, kind regards.


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