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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Geronimo 2.0.2 - OpenEJB "Passivation Failed"
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 02:16:58 GMT

On Mar 9, 2008, at 11:41 AM, Mario Kofler wrote:

> thanks!
> unfortunately i cannot wait til it is coming in a release. the  
> problem i have got now is that my SFSB implements Serializable but i  
> still keep getting the error!!! very unfortunate.
> i realized that the error is not coming after accessing the SFSB but  
> just after accessing the method that writes the beans to the database.
> Do also the Entity beans have to implement Serializable? or do i  
> have to do something for the entity manager which is created in this  
> function?

Holding the EntityManager itself is fine, it essentially stays in  
memory and only a reference to it is serialized.  With the Entities  
themselves an actual copy of the object is serialzied to disk.   
Optimally, you assume the EntityManager has good caching so you don't  
need to keep N copies in X numbers of stateful beans in serialized  
form on disk.  Just keep track of the minimal amount of information  
you need to grab your Entities again from the EntityManager (and it's  
live cache) when you activate.

You could implement serializable on your Entity beans, but it's ill  
advised in almost any situation to have the data passivated with your  
bean as you wind up with a private, detached, copy of the data that  
may be outdated.  The rare case may be that you're collecting data  
that has yet to be persisted (never been attached) and therefore  
doesn't live in the EntityManager's cache or database yet, but even  
then you should really be using a transaction which would prevent your  
bean from getting passivated at all so the issue should never arise.


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