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From "Mario Kofler" <>
Subject Re: MDB performance tuning, configuration
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2008 10:33:01 GMT

it seems i completely messed up with my MDB application now. i tried the
"activation spec" that you mentioned and it worked fine. then i thought ia
lso try to set the InstanceLimit to 0. so i went to the config.xml file and
changed the "MDB\ Container\ InstanceLimit=0" wrong thing to do. after that
i did not receive the wanted updates anymore in the database. i increased
the value again to "maxPool" size.. and since that at startup of the server
or at deploy time i always realize that some messages are delivered but then
it stops again. i dont even send messages anymore, the messages that are
delivered are from a test 2 hours ago!

i also tried to restart the database, restart the server, computer,
everything. and tried to start with an empty db. the only thing i realize is
that at startup or deploytime of my application it sends some 10 messages to
the queue and after this it stops.

by the way.. i already set the values back to their initial state.. but no
effect.. i keep having this error and not possible to deliver any new
messages.. just everytime i start i see more 10 values being changed in the

can anyone help me, please.



2008/3/23, Manu George <>:
> You may have tried this out but increasing the maxMessagesPerSession
> activation config property will increase the prefetch size and
> generally speed it up a bit more. I assume u have already increased
> the maxSessions activation config property to increase the no of
> parallel Mdb instances. Here is a link for the properties that AMQ
> allows The
> configurable OpenEJB properties are given here
> Try setting the InstanceLimit property of the MdbContainer to 0 so
> that the no of instances created matches the no of AMQ sessions
> available. For setting this you need to set this as a system property.
> The property should be containerId.InstanceLimit where containerId is
> of the format  <artifactId>.<Resource Group Name>-<listener interface>
> eg: org.apache.geronimo.configs/activemq-ra/2.2-SNAPSHOT/car.ActiveMQ
> RA-javax.jms.MessageListener
> ie <artifactId> =  artifactId of the jms RA
> <Resource Group Name> - The resource Group name u gave while creating the
> RA
> <listener interface> - javax.jms.MessageListener in this case
> So the property in this case can be set as
> org.apache.geronimo.configs/activemq-ra/2.2-SNAPSHOT/car.ActiveMQ\
> RA-javax.jms.MessageListener.InstanceLimit=0
> Regards
> Manu
> On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 4:49 PM, the666pack <>
> wrote:
> >
> >  hello,
> >
> >  i am trying to test the performance of geronimo under load for message
> >  driven beans. the observed behaviour is that i get a maximum of about
> 85
> >  transactions per second. after this, tested with about 60 concurrent
> users,
> >  the performance drops again to about 45 tps. i hoped to increase the
> >  performance somehow.. things i already tried:
> >
> >  -increase the mdb pool size
> >  -increase the thread pool size
> >  -increase the connector-thread-pool-size
> >
> >  unfortunately nothing helped, the performance situation remains the
> same.
> >
> >  another observed behaviour is that in the time of silence between tests
> the
> >  server needs some time to fulfill the requests sent before. so i see it
> is
> >  still working although i am not sending mdb-requests anymore.
> >
> >  i suppose these are the requests that are still in the queue and have
> to be
> >  finished. i think this is the reason for the performance drop with more
> >  concurrent users. i would like to see it perform without this
> >  "aftertime-working" and handle the requests "in time".
> >
> >  maybe someone can give me a hint which other values could be important
> to
> >  change for the performance of mdbs getting real good. i thank you very
> much
> >  for your help,
> >
> >  greetings,
> >
> >  mario
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