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From "Mario Kofler" <>
Subject Re: Geronimo 2.0.2 - OpenEJB "Passivation Failed"
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 07:32:14 GMT
2008/3/10, David Blevins
> You could implement serializable on your Entity beans, but it's ill
> advised in almost any situation to have the data passivated with your
> bean as you wind up with a private, detached, copy of the data that
> may be outdated.  The rare case may be that you're collecting data
> that has yet to be persisted (never been attached) and therefore
> doesn't live in the EntityManager's cache or database yet, but even
> then you should really be using a transaction which would prevent your
> bean from getting passivated at all so the issue should never arise.
> -David

so this means i have to manually "turn off" the passivation of my SFSB via
bean managed transactions. but i suppose this means a performance loss :(.
is this problem another issue of the bug mentioned above and so the only
solution is turning off the passivation mechanism?

further, til now whenever i tried to make some kind of manual transaction in
my beans i always got the error that the container is taking care of the
transactions and bean managed control (transactions) is not allowed. maybe
you can tell me what i have to change to be able to add transactions to
my bean.

thanks, mario

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