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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: maven2: deployment quickstart?
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 22:04:42 GMT
[2] ought to be able to deploy to remote servers with no problem..  
That said I haven't tried it.  If it doesn't work it's probably a  
very simple fix.  Basically you just need to specify where the remote  
server is.

 From your description it sounds like you are assuming the app server  
is an existing monolithic thing that doesn't really participate in  
this process.  We are trying to develop an alternate viewpoint where  
the  "app server" is something constructed around your application to  
provide the runtime support it needs to operate.  With this point of  
view you would either assemble an app server containing your  
application(s) or construct assembly instructions and ship these to  
the remote servers and then start the preconfigured servers with your  
application already installed.

We have a lot of this working in 2.1.  The "predeployment" of apps  
into geronimo plugins and assembly of servers from geronimo plugins  
work well.  Currently the easiest to use assembly recipe is a maven  
project.  We don't have distribution worked out too well.  If you can  
run the assembly project or some other maven project on the remote  
machine that would work fine.  There's also some remote management  
capabilities using gshell, but I'm not sure how advanced they are.

I'm curious about what kind of remote management you expect to have  
for the remote servers.

In any case I hope you find this interesting and continue to discuss  
how it might fit into what you are trying to do.

david jencks

On Mar 26, 2008, at 1:51 PM, Kristian Rink wrote:

> Folks;
> being in the middle of evaluating a bunch of different options (i.o.w.
> application servers) to serve as a future platform for most of our  
> (both
> Spring and, sooner or later, EJB3 based) projects, I am just by now
> dealing with Geronimo 2, partly hoping for a pretty decent maven2
> support in terms of deploying modules (given they're both apache
> projects). So far we're using tomcat 6 and codehaus' tomcat-maven- 
> plugin
> [1] in order to deploy .war artifacts to remote tomcat installments
> (both testing and production systems). And I am curious to see whether
> there's something like that for geronimo (2.x), some maven2 plugin  
> that
> allows for building and remote deployment of war, ear, EJB jars in  
> a way
> similar to the tomcat approach. So far I just stumbled across [2]  
> which
> mainly seems to deal with deploying to locally installed geronimo
> instances and, asides that, leaves quite a bunch of questions  
> unanswered
> (including how to actually integrate these plugins with maven2 in  
> order
> to build and then deploy, say, an arbitrary war artifact to a geronimo
> server). [3] unfortunately completely avoids talking about maven2.
> Can any of the kind souls on this list enlighten me about this?
> Many thanks in advance, kind regards.
> Kristian
> [1]
> [2] 
> maven-plugin/index.html
> [3] 
> index.html

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