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From ApolloX <>
Subject Re: NullPointerException by MDB in getCurrentContext()
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2008 00:33:08 GMT

djencks wrote:
> I talked with dain about this a little bit and his experience is that  
> except for a couple of not-too-frequent and fixable situations  
> (involving collections???) the jpa-based cmp2s are faster than the  
> tranql ones in geronimo 1.x.  Dain doesn't look at this mailing list  
> much any more so I suggest you ask about this on the openejb lists.

I've mentioned what I think might be the problem, namely that I don't think
caching is enabled properly through JPA.  Even though it's supposed to be
turned on by default, I've tried explicitly enabling it to now avail in the
config.xml file.  One behavior that I noticed that leads me to this
conclusion is that in 1.X, ejbCreate would not hit the database immediately
after running.  I could run create method (triggering an ejbCreate), then
set additional fields (marked as required in the DB) without any problems. 
As soon as I moved to 2.X, all DB required fields had to be set in the
ejbCreate method or a SQL exception would be thrown.  

Either way, the result is that the code works in G2.X but with extremely
slow performance along with the create errors as described above.  I'm not
sure why anyone would think CMP2 would be faster in G2.X given the extra
layering involved.

We've gone off topic though, I have other posts (which no one has responded
to) to discuss this:
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