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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: maven2: deployment quickstart?
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2008 08:43:08 GMT

On Mar 27, 2008, at 12:03 AM, Kristian Rink wrote:

> David, *;
> first off, thanks a bunch for your explanations on that, they surely
> made a few things clearer to me. :)
> Am Wed, 26 Mar 2008 15:04:42 -0700
> schrieb David Jencks <>:
>> [2] ought to be able to deploy to remote servers with no problem..
>> That said I haven't tried it.  If it doesn't work it's probably a
>> very simple fix.  Basically you just need to specify where the
>> remote server is.
> Hmmm, I will have a closer look at it then and see how far this will
> take me. :)

We make extensive use of  the geronimo-maven-plugin in the testsuite  
(under server/trunk or equivalent branch/tag).  In the root testsuite  
pom there's some configuration to start and stop a local server,  
which won't work remotely.  A typical configuration to deploy and  
undeploy an app looks something like



I think you just need to add <hostname>,,,</hostname> and probably  
username and password to the configuration element.

> [...]
>> With this point of view you would either assemble an app server
>> containing your application(s) or construct assembly instructions and
>> ship these to the remote servers and then start the preconfigured
>> servers with your application already installed.
> This is an interesting idea.
> Actually, I can't say I do or don't like it as I simply have to get
> acquainted to it after all, given that indeed it seems to introduce a
> whole new philosophy in developing and deploying Java EE applications,
> more than just slightly differing from what one is used to by now. :)
>> I'm curious about what kind of remote management you expect to have
>> for the remote servers.

the geronimo-maven-plugin usage above should work for any g 2.x  
version.  The below really applies to 2.1 and later.

> To be a little more verbose on that: So far, we are using a bunch of
> applications distributed around in our network running in several
> tomcat containers, and I found this solution to be quite difficult to
> deal with if a bigger bunch of people (also including some who are
> less experienced and/or less interested) is supposed to take care of
> that structure. Most notably, it is difficult to explain
> - how to get some options of applications deployed to these containers
> configured at runtime,

Depending on what you want to configure... there are several options.
- remote jmx.  A lot of stuff can be configured directly on the  
components... probably including stuff like context-root for web  
apps.  I haven't tried this much.
- If you deploy as a geronimo plugin you can arrange for specific  
property settings to be in var/config/config-  Changing these generally only takes effect  
when the server is restarted, but its handy for putting specific  
configuration bits in.
- you can arrange for a file containing app specific configuration  
(such as log4j settings) to be unpacked into a directory of your  
choice such as var/myapp/data.
- A lot can be configured through the admin console, and you can  
write an admin console plugin to specifically administer your apps.

> - how to use server logs to tell what is goin' on inside these
> containers at the moment,

the admin console has a log viewer.  You can configure app specific  
logging fairly easily starting in g 2.1.1 (almost out :-)
> - how to deal with reloading / stopping apps if desired.

this can be done through the admin console, maven, or (probably now  
or soon) gshell.  I'm not sure how much gshell remoting works at the  
> So far, the same time we look at geronimo, we are into playing around
> with glassfish which seems to do better about these things for a  
> simple
> reason: It provides a fairly sophisticated management interface to  
> deal
> with all these issues in an easy way. Given that, and assuming to
> replace an existing, distributed environment by one "huge" (indeed
> monolithic it seems) Java EE container, there seems to be quite a
> benefit compared to our given situation, plus the chance to throw in
> things like EJB, JMS, ... easily to our Spring based applications. But
> the idea of the Java EE server being a standalone, well-administered
> runtime to just dump applications to and be reasonably sure they will
> start out is a tempting thing. From that point of view, I have indeed
> get acquainted to the idea of, say, building "my own app server
> distribution" by assembling an application server containing just my
> application. But maybe indeed it's just about getting used to it. At
> least, is there a way of running geronimo 2.x as a "traditional"
> application server (standalone installation on some dedicated host
> ready to recieve apps) as well?

Yes, you can do that using the geronimo-maven-plugin.

> Anyway, thanks again for your input on that, best regards.

thanks for your interest!
david jencks

> Kristian
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