Does <DefaultContext allowLinking="true"/> modify the attribute to all applications deployed in tomcat or is it per application?  In Geronimo, if we want to control it per application, we will need a new tomcat specific element in geronimo-web.xml (which means a schema change, and I prefer to do it before 2.1 goes out, provided RM approves).  If it is ok to have one setting across all apps, we can take the easy route of using a system property (argh...  I seem to have developed an affinity to system properties).

Please go ahead and create a JIRA so that we can get this done sooner or later.


On Jan 9, 2008 1:32 AM, Adam Ruggles <> wrote:

The affect of allowLinking is to allow the servlet to serve up paths that are
associated with a symbolic link.

An example would be if I had a images folder in the root of my web app.  The
images folder is really a symbolic link pointing to another folder on my
hard drive.  With the allow Linking enabled I could still through a web
browser see the images in the images folder.

I hope I explained that correctly.  Apache Httpd also has a property in it's
configuration to do that.

djencks wrote:
> On Jan 8, 2008, at 9:33 AM, Adam Ruggles wrote:
>> I'm using Geronimo 2.2 with tomcat.  I'm trying to get Geronimo to
>> follow
>> symbolic links.  I have a folder outside the webapp that I use a
>> symlink to
>> allow the user to browse that folder.  In tomcat I was able to edit
>> the
>> server.xml file with <DefaultContext allowLinking="true"/>.  How can I
>> accomplish this in Geronimo.
> I wouldn't call myself a tomcat expert, but I don't know of any way
> to do this in geronimo.  I expect it would be easy to add, so you
> could add a Jira issue asking for it.  I expect we'd need a new
> tomcat specific element in geronimo-web.xml, although since I'm not
> familiar with the exact meaning or effect of the property I could be
> wrong.
> thanks
> david jencks
>> Thanks,
>> Adam
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