Mea culpa! I didn't copy the user list when I sent out this vote notice.

Please checkout our Geronimo 2.1 release candidate and let us know what you think.


On Feb 10, 2008, at 10:46 PM, Kevan Miller wrote:

I've prepared a 2.1 release candidate for your review and vote. I've also prepared a 2.1.1 TxManager release candidate for review and vote. For simplicity, I'm holding a single vote for both releases. The Geronimo server release is dependent upon the TxManager 2.1.1 release. 

The source for the Geronimo 2.1 release currently resides here:

When the release vote is approved, I will svn mv the code to

An archive of this source code can be found here: contains the 8 Java EE and Minimal server binary distributions to be released (tomcat/jetty, Java EE/Minimal, tar/zip) as well as the RELEASE_NOTES and source code archives for the release. 

For your convenience, here are pointers to the urls for the distributions in zip format:

The maven artifacts for the release can be found here:

or in the following archive (warning, this file is 458 megs):

When the release vote is approved, these maven artifacts will be moved to the m2-ibiblio-rsync-repository at Apache.

Due to the discovery of a bug in the Connector component of Geronimo TxManager, a new release of TxManager was needed. TxManager 2.1.1 is also part of this vote.

The source code for the TxManager 2.1.1 release can be found here:

The maven artifacts for TxManager 2.1.1 can be found here:

When the release vote is approved, these maven artifacts will be moved to the m2-ibiblio-rsync-repository at Apache.
Please review these releases and register your vote.

[ ] +1 Release Geronimo 2.1 and TxManager 2.1.1
[ ] 0 No opinion
[ ] -1 Do not release Geronimo 2.1 and TxManager 2.1.1 (please provide rationale)

I'll plan on calling this vote on Wednesday evening (11 PM EST).