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From Peter Petersson <>
Subject Re: Geronimo v2.1 Plan Creator => Deploy Liferay 4.1.1
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 10:16:15 GMT
Hi Jim

I assume you are trying to install liferay in geronimo and not just 
generate a new plan, with you do not need to, as Shiva have provided you 
with one (the geronimo-web.xml).

Aside from the security dependency issue you have that I hope **someone 
else** that are more familiar with the security (dependency) changes 
done between G v2.0.2 and v2.1 will help you with, there are a couple of 
more things to do:

As the liferay-portal-geronimo-tomcat car is dependent (if you haven't 
changed the geronimo-web.xml regarding the db pool) on the 
liferay-portal-geronimo-derby-pool car, so to successfully install the 
liferay-portal-geronimo-tomcat car you have to install the derby pool 
**before** the liferay-portal-geronimo-tomcat car.
After a smal tweak of the META-INF/geronimo-plugin.xml included in the 
derby-pool car file you should be able to install the db pool by issuing

deploy --user <user> --password <passoword> install-plugin <derby pool car

The geronimo-plugin.xml tweak consist of changing the version tag in the 
geronimo-plugin.xml to <version>2.1-SNAPSHOT</version> (omit -snapshot 
for released geronimo). The same command (as above) can then be used on 
the liferay-portal-geronimo-tomcat car (when the security dependency 
issue is fixed)

Maybe this link will be of some help to you even though it is a bit 

  peter petersson

Jim Foster wrote:
> Shiva Kumar H R wrote:
>> There are two problems, both in Plan Creator feature:
>> 1) Error message/Java Exceptions are suppressed by Plan Creator code and
>> not
>> shown to the user at all :-(
>> With liferay-portal-4.4.1.war, when I ran Geronimo in debug mode and
>> remote
>> connected via Eclipse (with a break point put at the beginning of
>> org.apache.geronimo.console.configcreator.JSR88_Util.parseWarReferences()
>> function inside "plancreator-portlets" module), I found that we are
>> getting
>> following exception:
>> org.apache.geronimo.common.DeploymentException: AbstractWebModuleBuilder:
>> Could not load servlet class: com.liferay.portal.servlet.MainServlet
>> Instead of showing this error on Console, plan creator is currently
>> suppressing it in an empty catch() block.
>> *GERONIMO-3850<>
>> *is opened for this.
>> 2) Secondly, I see that the class it is complaining "
>> com.liferay.portal.servlet.MainServlet" *does* exist, but inside a
>> compressed jar ("portal-impl.jar") in WEB-INF/lib directory of WAR. Plan
>> Creator has a current limitation :-( in resolving such classes. *
>> GERONIMO-3851 <> *is
>> opened for this.
>> Due to these bugs/limitations, I am sorry to say that you will again have
>> to
>> create geronimo-web.xml by hand. I found one "geronimo-web.xml" inside
>> liferay-portal-4.4.1.war itself. I have removed non-existing dependencies
>> from it and attached it in this mail. Please see if it works. (I guess it
>> requires some pre-requisite db-pools to be deployed before the WAR can be
>> deployed). Hope it helps.
>> ...
> Hi Shiva,
> Is there any new word on the origins of the security configuration errors we
> were seeing?
> I have spent a good deal of time this week reading everything I could get my
> hands on, including a healthy chunk of the 120 Geronimo articles up at IBM's
> developerworks.
> (

> However, the most recent I could find that seemed relevant to this issue was
> on the wiki:
> However, this is an installation document, and provides little in the way of
> debugging guidelines, and I  am only now just far enough along in wrapping
> my head around all the technologies that make up Geronimo to get myself in
> trouble.
> Suggestions?
> Once past this, I would like your advise on how to bring up to date the
> Liferay-provided .car file for the derby pool. I looked at its contents, and
> I see that they are clearly wrong (my guess is that they were written for
> v1.1), but I am not quite sure how to go about fixing it so as to be in
> alignment with v2.1
> step at a time though...first the security issue.
> Thank you for your time, patience, and advise.
> Jim

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