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From "" <>
Subject Re: Debugging with NetBeans?
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 22:26:45 GMT

> The only option I can think of would be to run Geronimo with JPDA
> enabled (-agentlib:jdwp) and use Netbeans's debugger. It should work
> fine.
Can you give pls some Keywords about this Topic? Does it means the 
Remote Debuggerof the JDK
can establish a Debugg "Remote" Pipeline to Geronimo (iam guessing there 
is a Remote Debugger, but iam not sure :-) )

>> How can i do faster Roundtrip (Distribute&Run) Cycles with Netbeans 6.x?
> You mean while developing enterprise apps? If so, you may want to use
> maven plugin for Geronimo and Netbeans together and deploy/undeploy
> from within Netbeans. It should work too (would be a good addition to
> Geronimo's doc set).
Is the Maven PlugIn Productionready?
The Other Thing: Speed up on Deployment:

It allways takes some Time for Packaging and deploying against Geronimo.
I started thinking about creating a Ramdisk where Geronimo runs and the 
Packaging Tasks will
be performed (ANT-Build Output) for faster Roundtrip Development (for 
testing only)!

Maybe the Netbeans Plugin can use in Future Shared Memory Access for 
making things
faster. I have noticed thadts IntelliJ IDEA's  Workbench and the 
Debugger can communicate with
Shared Memory anstead of TCP Sockets and this definately makes 
Debuggingstuff faster!

>> Is the Netbeans PlugIn right now production Ready?
> Unfortunatelly not. Noone's working on it as much as it deserves (I'm
> the only one who worked on it and am trying to get to it again, but
> don't know how it will eventially work out). Wanna help?
> Jacek
I really dont know, iam not familar with programming Netbeans PlugIns as 
well, but if you think i
can do some Stuff then let me know.

Greets Rudi

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