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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: Geronimo WTP client for eclipse doesn't work as expected
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2008 16:03:55 GMT
Oh ok, that is the one of the 5 prereqs for the GEP. If you following my 
recommendations in my previous note and start with a new Eclipse installation 
and workspace, and then get the other 4 prereqs, you'll be good to go !!!! BTW, 
I haven't been able to get back to your previous  republish problem, but have 
now just opened a JIRA to address the problem (lest I forget) and will try to 
get to get back to it later today....


mett wrote:
> Hi again Tim,
> I have now manually downloaded WTP maintenance build type
> I exported the zip contents to my Eclipse installation folder and restarted
> Eclipse Europe.
> I still can't find the WTP within the Eclipse IDE.
> What is your suggested path for moving on, I really want this to work...
> Best Regards
> Mett
> Tim McConnell-2 wrote:
>> Hi Mett, I see the problem on our trunk version of the Geronimo Eclipse
>> Plugin 
>> (GEP) and Geronimo server. It works fine for me though on my 2.0.2 version
>> of 
>> the Geronimo and Plugin. I'm guessing at this point that it might be a WTP 
>> problem, but will have to do a bit more analysis/debugging to ensure that
>> is the 
>> case. Thanks much for bringing this to our attention....
>> mett wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am quite new at Geronimo at the moment. I have up to now been using
>>> JBoss
>>> as an integrated application server in my Eclipse IDE. Since I am all but
>>> impressed of the way that server handles memory and redeploy I am
>>> interested
>>> in trying out the Geronimo application server.
>>> The status at the moment is that I have the Geronimo server 2.0.2
>>> installed
>>> and working. I have a deployment plan that works and I think that the
>>> performance is better. 
>>> My problem is the automatic redeploy that I can't get to work at all.
>>> When I
>>> alter an jsp page or a java class the WTP reacts and the server starts a
>>> redeploy but there isn't any change in the appearance or the files in the
>>> server structure.
>>> For a change to have affect I need to remove the project with the Add and
>>> Remove Projects... menu option. Restart the server and the add the
>>> project
>>> again. This is a bit more tedious than using JBoss; to describe it
>>> mildly.
>>> The action is exactly similar regardless of how the installation has been
>>> done. First I installed Geronimo by hand and the WTP from within eclipse.
>>> I
>>> all worked as above. After that I tried to do also the Geronimo
>>> installation
>>> from within eclipse. Then I got 2.0.1 with the JRE_HOME issue and
>>> upgraded
>>> to 2.0.2 with the above result.
>>> I am using Maven to set up and manage my projects so the compiled files
>>> end
>>> up in target/classes if this is an issue.
>>> Please guide me, I want to use Geronimo and I refuse to believe that it
>>> is
>>> intended to work this way.
>>> Best Regards
>>> Mett
>> -- 
>> Thanks,
>> Tim McConnell

Tim McConnell

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