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From mett <>
Subject Re: Geronimo WTP client for eclipse doesn't work as expected
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2008 12:39:03 GMT

Thanks for all your effort so far Tim,

However I haven't found the solution yet but I have an hunch on where the
error might be.

Since the project is renewed when it is removed from the server via "Add and
Remove Projects..." menu option but not when the WTP is signaling changed
files I believe the Geronimo is looking for changed files in the wrong
place. As I mentioned before the Geronimo Server changes state in the
Servers view in Eclipse but the console stays the same.

I believe that the cause for this might be that the project structure isn't
"default" eclipse but a deeper hierarchy painted by maven. 

When I create a project within eclipse the change in an jsp or html page is
instantly reflected in the web browser.

Is there something in some configuration file that I need to look at. Please
kick me in the right direction.

Tim McConnell-2 wrote:
> Hi Mett, let me take a stab at your questions.....
> 1. You are looking in the right place, but as you know WTP is very large
> with 
> many feature and plugins such that the precise version of WTP is somewhat 
> obfuscated (at least as far as I know). What you may want to consider is
> to 
> possibly start with a new Eclipse installation and download what is
> required to 
> run the version of the GEP that you wish to use. If you want to use GEP
> 2.0 you 
> can get the list of prereqs from here:
> --->
> I would recommend just using the ant script since it'll save you a LOT of
> time 
> by downloading everything for you (except the JDK), and unzipping it into
> an 
> eclipse directory that you can use to create your new eclipse
> installation. 
> Also, these are the latest maintenance versions of WTP and the other
> prereqs. If 
> you don't want maintenance versions but would rather use official released 
> versions you can use this ant script instead....
> ---> 
> 2. Frankly, I don't know much about the BEA jrockit JDK. It may be fine,
> but 
> Geronimo and the GEP are developed and tested only on Sun JDKs, and I
> would 
> recommend the same for you just to be safe.
> 3. If you following the recommendations in #1, #2 above you will also want
> to 
> start with a new Eclipse workspace as well and then define the Geronimo
> server. 
> If not, then you definitely need to delete and redefine you Geronimo
> Server 
> Definition.
> Hope this helps. Thanks.
> mett wrote:
>> Hi Tim,
>> First of all it's really nice to get such a swift response to a question
>> of
>> mine, Thanks!
>> However I have a couple of follow up questions:
>> 1. Where is the place to verify the version numbers in Eclipse? When I
>> look
>> at Help/About Eclipse Platform/Feature Details I find them all but WTP.
>> This
>> is strange to me since I am sure I have installed this. Going further
>> down
>> into the Plug-In Details I find a lot of plug-ins starting with the
>> letters
>> WTP but then with the wrong version number. I don't even think they are
>> related to the true WTP.
>> 2. How important is the Sun JDK 5.0? I am running on jrockit 1.6.0_01.
>> 3. Now, after finishing with updates of all updatable plug-ins there are
>> I
>> still can't find the WTP plugin in the Feature Details list. I now know
>> that
>> this is installed since I just did it (again). Where can I verify its
>> existance?
>> Within the Plug-in details dialog I find these WTP(?) plugins: WTP EJB UI
>> Plug-in, WTP J2EE UI Plug-in, WTP JCA UI Plug-in, WTP Servlet UI Plug-in,
>> WTP UI Plug-in, WTP Webservice UI Plug-in. These doesn't seam to be
>> directly
>> related but they start with WTP.
>> The IDE is restarted a numerous of times, Do I need to reinstall the
>> Geronimo server after I updated all of these features?
>> Best Regards
>> Mett
>> Tim McConnell-2 wrote:
>>> Hi Mett, I see the problem on our trunk version of the Geronimo Eclipse
>>> Plugin 
>>> (GEP) and Geronimo server. It works fine for me though on my 2.0.2
>>> version
>>> of 
>>> the Geronimo and Plugin. I'm guessing at this point that it might be a
>>> WTP 
>>> problem, but will have to do a bit more analysis/debugging to ensure
>>> that
>>> is the 
>>> case. Thanks much for bringing this to our attention....
>>> mett wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> I am quite new at Geronimo at the moment. I have up to now been using
>>>> JBoss
>>>> as an integrated application server in my Eclipse IDE. Since I am all
>>>> but
>>>> impressed of the way that server handles memory and redeploy I am
>>>> interested
>>>> in trying out the Geronimo application server.
>>>> The status at the moment is that I have the Geronimo server 2.0.2
>>>> installed
>>>> and working. I have a deployment plan that works and I think that the
>>>> performance is better. 
>>>> My problem is the automatic redeploy that I can't get to work at all.
>>>> When I
>>>> alter an jsp page or a java class the WTP reacts and the server starts
>>>> a
>>>> redeploy but there isn't any change in the appearance or the files in
>>>> the
>>>> server structure.
>>>> For a change to have affect I need to remove the project with the Add
>>>> and
>>>> Remove Projects... menu option. Restart the server and the add the
>>>> project
>>>> again. This is a bit more tedious than using JBoss; to describe it
>>>> mildly.
>>>> The action is exactly similar regardless of how the installation has
>>>> been
>>>> done. First I installed Geronimo by hand and the WTP from within
>>>> eclipse.
>>>> I
>>>> all worked as above. After that I tried to do also the Geronimo
>>>> installation
>>>> from within eclipse. Then I got 2.0.1 with the JRE_HOME issue and
>>>> upgraded
>>>> to 2.0.2 with the above result.
>>>> I am using Maven to set up and manage my projects so the compiled files
>>>> end
>>>> up in target/classes if this is an issue.
>>>> Please guide me, I want to use Geronimo and I refuse to believe that it
>>>> is
>>>> intended to work this way.
>>>> Best Regards
>>>> Mett
>>> -- 
>>> Thanks,
>>> Tim McConnell
> -- 
> Thanks,
> Tim McConnell

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