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From the666pack <>
Subject performance tuning web-container in geronimo
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 07:16:10 GMT


so this mailing list gave me good tips til now.. hope for this one too:

i am performance testing the geronimo server. however i realized a low
throughput for simultaneous client requests. so now i would like to know
which possibilities i have to change this behaviour and increase

for performance tests i use the command line tool openwebload
my jvm settings are fine now (-Xmx1024m) and i see the memory getting used
up the more simultaneous client requests i send. however after about 160
simultaneous client requests the jvm is filled up and the server is going
dead. this is too few for my taste.  

i need to keep the settings for tomcat (for example maxacceptrate,thread
pool,...) and the jvm settings fixed, but i would anyway like to improve the

is there something i can do? are there possibilities of connection pooling
or an improved garbage collection for the jvm so that it does not fill up
the memory so fast? 

thanks in advance for help,



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