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From Brian Gregory <>
Subject proxy session w/ built-in dbcp + openjpa
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 02:52:23 GMT

I'm attempting to use proxy session w/ oracle and the built-in dbcp + openjpa
in geronimo but I'm hung up at the start. I've done this before with c3p0 +
hibernate but c3p0 has a ConnectionCustomizer class that allows you to
register for checkout and checkin events from the connection pool, thus
allowing the proxy user to be modified prior to connections being used.

Unfortunately I can't find a way to do this with dbcp, but I have a few

1. Subclass the dbcp PoolingDataSource such that proxy users are set up in
the getConnection() method - Although I would have to define a database pool
w/ that would use the new class (no idea) and setup openjpa to use this
database pool (not sure either)

2. Use c3p0 w/ openjpa instead of the built-in dbcp. Is there a way to
deploy a database pool in geronimo w/ a 3rd party pooling library? Is there
a good way to set up a 3rd party db pool if not?

Any other ideas are appreciated.

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