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From abpb2006 <>
Subject Re: Issue while deploying web app in 2nd instance of geronimo
Date Wed, 06 Feb 2008 21:55:28 GMT

Yeah i copied var folder under g_one and g_two to have 2 instances. I also
chenaged the port so that both the instances could run simlutanaously.

I'm able to deploy web app using the web console for g_one (and web app gets
deployed under g_one's var folder) but when i try to deploy web app using
web console for  g_two intance deploys under repository/default
location of genorinom_server and also under g_two/var directory

Also i configred and deployed 2 separate repositires for each of above

Does that mean, when we have 2 instances - no matter which intance you are
deploying the app, it will be deployed on SERVER as well as under its

I was under the impression - that wehn we have mutliple instances, a web can
be deployed under specific instance.

Pl suggest what is the right verdict. thanks.

djencks wrote:
> Could you provide more information on exactly what is duplicated and  
> what is shared between your two instances and where you expect the  
> app to be deployed and exactly which files are changed?
> If you've made several copies of var (say g_one/var and g_two/var)  
> and deploy an app to one of these servers using the console I'd   
> expect the app to be deployed into repository (same location no  
> matter which instance you deploy to) but only the */var/config/ 
> config.xml and related files to be updated for the server you are using.
> If you've added an additional repository per-server into */var  
> somewhere then I'm not sure how you would tell the web console to use  
> that repository rather than the "normal" one.
> thanks
> david jencks
> On Feb 5, 2008, at 11:48 PM, abpb2006 wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have 2 intances of Geronimo running (Multiple Instances) :
>> geronimo install (geronimo_server) and under this i have 2  
>> instances g_one
>> and g_two.
>> When i start g_one and deploy wep app it gets deployed under  
>> g_one's deploy
>> directory and this fine but in case when i try to deploy the web  
>> app for
>> g_two using web tires to deploy under
>> geronimo_server's default directory rather thn under g_two.
>> Any pointers?? higly appriciate your help
>> i'm using geronimo 2.x
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