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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: proxy session w/ built-in dbcp + openjpa
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 16:38:21 GMT

On Feb 11, 2008, at 6:35 AM, Brian Gregory wrote:

> 1. Misconception on my part, what library is used for connection  
> pooling?
> (Where is this is the docs?)

Dunno about docs.  The basic implementation is in 

  and the gbean wrappers and deployment code are in

> 2. Proxy session is another name for changing the user credentials  
> on an
> oracle connection. OracleConnection.openProxySession()
> 3. I'm not familiar with tranql. Can you point me to the  
> documentation?

Again, no docs I know of.

especially vendors/oracle/trunk

I think what you want to do is override  
AbstractXADataSourceMCF.matchManagedConnections in the oracle  
subclass so if there is no match on connections with their existing  
credentials it calls openProxySession on one of the connections to  
switch users.  If openProxySession is very lightweight then just  
calling it without a search would be reasonable.

Out of curiousity, how are you supplying the correct user to the  
connector?  Application managed security (datasource.getConnection 
(user, password) or container managed security (using the identity of  
the logged in user as tracked by the app server, possibly mapped with  
an appropriate login module)?

Hope this helps and let us know if you run into problems or succeed :-)

david jencks

> Thanks for the help.
> Brian
> djencks wrote:
>> Geronimo does not use dbcp, could you explain why you think it does?
>> Could you explain what proxy sessions do?  There might be a simple
>> solution, but I have no idea what you are trying to achieve.  For
>> instance if you are trying to change the authentication information
>> on an existing connection this can be achieved by adding a bit of
>> code to the tranql oracle wrapper.
>> thanks
>> david jencks
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