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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Reg: shutting down of Geronimo when DB is down
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2008 08:25:40 GMT

On Jan 6, 2008, at 11:27 PM, Balakrishnan wrote:

> hi,
>   Thanks for the reply. But i want to know that if i deploy a  
> particular WAR
> in the geronimo, it should not start automatically. That WAR should be
> started manually. The same option should be reflected even when i  
> uninstall
> and redeploy the WAR.

In geronimo 2.1 (not yet released) you can do this by deploying the  
war as a plugin and including

<config-xml-content condition="false"/>

in the geronimo-plugin.xml.

In earlier versions you will have to modify var/config/config.xml  
yourself after deploying the war file by adding


to the module for your war. For instance it might look like:

     <module name="org.apache.geronimo.configs/welcome-jetty/2.1- 
SNAPSHOT/car" condition="false"/>

  If you can figure out a gbean to include in the module  
customization then geronimo won't erase the entry when you undeploy  
the war.

Hope this helps
david jencks

> regards,
> Krish.
> djencks wrote:
>> On Jan 4, 2008, at 3:31 AM, Balakrishnan wrote:
>>> hi all,
>>> I am deploying the jasper server as  a war in the geronimo. When we
>>> restart
>>> the geronimo with the jasper server deployed, the jasper server
>>> tries to
>>> access the DB. When the DB is down  the jasper server was not able
>>> to access
>>> the data base, it makes the geronimo shutting down. Is there a way
>>> to avoid
>>> geronimo being shutdown when one of its contained application fail
>>> to start.
>> The only way I can think of is to use a condition so the application
>> is never started on geronimo startup, you always have to start it by
>> hand.
>>> Also can any one let me know how we can deploy the data source  
>>> for the
>>> jasper as less dependent.
>> Could you explain what you mean in more detail?  I don't understand.
>> I'd be interested in seeing the stack trace from the jasper server
>> startup failure.  I'm wondering why it can't start gracefully even
>> when its db is unavailable..... what happens if the db stops while it
>> is running?
>> thanks
>> david jencks
>>> Thanks in advance.
>>> regards,
>>> Krish.
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