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From Jim <>
Subject OpenLaszlo as a Geronimo plugin
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 17:36:12 GMT

I am interested in exploring the use of OpenLaszlo as the front end to 
some applications we are developing in-house.

Some questions:

[1] Has this already been looked into?
This page on JIRA:
would suggest so. If this is the case, where would I find the relevant 

[2] According to, it 
would seem that the approach one should take is to develop OpenLaszlo as 
a plugin, but I do not have a high level of confidence in how to proceed 
with that, especially with the impending release of v2.1. Will the 
instructions at that wiki page still be relevant, or will they be 
supplanted with new guide-lines?

[3] Given the above, would the dev team recommend my holding off a bit 
until the 2.1 release, or can they provide me with assurance and steps 
to follow? Assuming that I am successful at generating the plugin, I 
would, of course, be willing to hand it off to the dev team for 
polishing and release to the Geronimo community.

Thank you for your time, and any words of advise.


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