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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Merging deployment plans
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2008 08:14:10 GMT
Hi Stuart,

Right now if you supply an external deployment plan any equivalent  
inside the javaee app or module is ignored.  In general nothing is  
merged.  However, you can mix up bits to some extent.  For instance,  
for an ear, you could have an external ear plan that did not include  
"sub-plans" for some modules, and have the plans for those modules  
inside  the modules.

What specifically were you thinking of altering?  Rather than  
modifying the plan you might be able to use some of the plugin  
features.  Basically you can arrange to modify gbean attributes from  
entries in the var/config/ file.   
There's sort of a 3 step process (in geronimo 2.1, soon to be released):

- identify the gbean you want to configure in your app.  Everything's  
a gbean, but many gbean for javaee components are not that easy to  
configure directly as gbeans, so this idea may or may not be  
appropriate for you.
- in the geronimo-plugin.xml specify a module to be copied into var/ 
config/config.xml that includes gbean configuration for the  
attributes you want to be able to modify, with variables like
<attribute name="port">${MySpecialPort}</attribute>
- also specify entries to be added to var/config/config-
<config-substitution name="MySpecialPort">2000</config-substitution>

When you install your app-built-into-a-plugin into geronimo the  
config.xml stuff will go into config.xml, the variables will get into  
config-substitutions, and you will be able to customize the values by  
modifying config-substitutions.

This is not a terribly complete explanation, so let me know if this  
sounds interesting and hopefully I will have written up more  
comprehensible documentation.

david jencks

On Jan 29, 2008, at 10:00 PM, Stuart Smith wrote:

> I've been investigating some of the unique features that make  
> Geronimo easier
> to use than JBoss.  One of the features that has caught my  
> attention is the
> ability to use external deployment information during the deployment
> process.
> What I'm wondering is if it is possible to have a deployment plan  
> that is
> packaged with an application archive AND one that is external.  I'm  
> thinking
> anything that is always going to be the same can be in the internal
> deployment plan.  Anything that may change from one environment to  
> the next
> can be in the external plan.
> If this is possible would they be merged into a unified deployment  
> plan
> during deployment?  Would they be merged with one taking precedence  
> over the
> other?  Would one be completely ignored if the other is present?
> If this type of thing is possible it would be great, if not would  
> it be
> possible to add?  Many thanks for any replies.
> Thanks,
> Stuart
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