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From Cedric Hurst <>
Subject Re: geronimo newby, stop recompilation
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 18:48:41 GMT

My guess is that this behavior is simply due to the nature of the server
adapter for Geronimo.  It's easier for the plugin to repackage everything in
your IDE and then send one big car file over to the server.  This method
also ensures that your code doesn't break if you're deploying to a server
used by multiple developers.

That being said, Geronimo does support a "hot deploy" option.  This allows
you to change individual classes on-the-fly, but this feature is
non-standard and can cause a number of class loading and dependency issues. 
It's mostly useful if you're making changes to static content such as HTML,
CSS, images, etc.  In fully-interpretive languages like PHP, developers are
able to get away with making small changes on-the-fly because the pages are
interpreted from source each time they are called (IIRC).  But with Java,
we're a bit more limited by the fact that our classes are compiled down to
bytecode before they're executed.  Even our JSPs compile down to servlet
classes the first time they're called.

If you're willing to take the risk of breaking your application in
unexpected ways, you can create a new project in Eclipse and add a folder to
that project which links to the deployed version of your webapp in the
Geronimo repository:

You can make changes to the files in this folder and they should take effect
immediately, without repackaging the entire app.

I'm not an expert on exactly how that might affect in-memory copies of your
classes and JSPs.  But feel free to experiment and let me know how it goes.

wolfkaiser wrote:
> Hi Jay, thanks for your help, I dont think I made the right question. I
> want to stop all the project recompilation everytime I change a code line
> in a jsp or java class, but the changes I do I want them to have effect at
> runtime. The thing is everytime I do a small change takes time to reload
> all the aplication and test the new code that sometimes are small changes.
> Is a waste of time. 
> Jay D. McHugh-2 wrote:
>> Hello,
>> That actually would not be a Geronimo setting.  It should be set in
>> Eclipse under the 'Project' menu.  There is a setting to 'Build
>> Automatically'.  I think that if you disable that, then your minor
>> changes will no longer get compiled and immediately deployed.
>> I'm not sure about this though since I use basic Eclipse rather than
>> myEclipse.
>> Hope this helps.
>> Jay
>> wolfkaiser wrote:
>>> Hi! Im a newby on geronimo, I have a myeclipse-geronimo development
>>> enviroment, and I have a question. how can configure the geronimo so the
>>> aplication Im developing do not recompile with small changes I do, I am
>>> wasting a lots of time becouse of that.  I hope you can help me o give
>>> some
>>> direction of this, thanks!
>>> pd. sorry for my english.

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